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Khaled Ahmed Al Saleh

Dr. Khaled Ahmed Al Saleh

Dr. Khaled Ahmed Al Saleh, MD, is a Consultant Oncologist and Head of the Radiation Oncology Department of the Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC). He is also the founder of the Palliative Health Center of Kuwait which was established in 2011. He completed his FRCR course in Middlesex Hospital in London, UK (1986-1989) and holds a Board Certificate in Radiotherapy & Oncology at Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute of Oncology, Warsaw, Poland (1992). He has authored or co-authored more than 30 scientific papers published or presented at different oncology journals and forums.

Dr. Khaled has been with the KCCC for more than 30 years and he is a well-known advocate ofcancer awareness and prevention in Kuwait and in the Gulf region (GCC). He isthe General Secretary of the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control from its inceptionin 2002 up to the present. Concurrently, Dr. Khaled is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the highly-rated Gulf Journal of Oncology (est. 2007), the official journal of the GFFCC which was indexed at PUBMED in 2009.

Dr. Khaled holds many other distinguished positions in Kuwait and in the Gulf region: Vice-President of Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) Kuwait; Chairman of Kuwait Oncology Society; Gen Sec. of Kuwait Society for Smoking and Cancer Prevention, Gen. Sec. of Arab Federation for Drug Abuse Prevention, Chairman of Palliative Medical Society, Kuwait;Asst. General Secretary of the Arab Medical Association Against Cancer (AMAAC);Chairman, TNM Committee for the Gulf Region; WHO-EMRO Expert on Oncology during the WHO-IARC conferences on cancer/oncology (2013); andBoard Member, Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council for GCC states (2014);

Dr. Khaled is also a recipient of several awards:Awarded for his work in Arab Federation for Anti-Drug Awareness (2005); recognition award from Arab Medical Association Against Cancer (2009); Volunteer for Health Services Award (Individual Category) from Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation  (2011); Ministry of Social Affairs &Labour Award for pioneering in social work in the State of Kuwait (April 2012); WHO Award for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes (Kuwait Prize) in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, in recognition of his work in the field of cancer (October 2013) and  Award from Zahra Breast Cancer Association in recognition of his efforts in raising breast cancer awareness in the Gulf (October 2015).